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I meant to do an introduction post, about what pod_aware is, but I think this post by anatsuno sums it up pretty well.

On each day there is going to be a podcast addressing the days topic. You can find today's here with paraka podklb and bessyboo. It is seriously awesome to listen to! I took part in TWO - feedback and repodding. On the day of, I'll go into more detail.

I'll have things to post on accent, feedback and repodding day. But, I'm going to try to post a little something (if just my random thoughts on the topic) every day.

paraka deserves all credit for being AMAZING!

So, without further ado - DAY 1 Podfic 101/Or Why We Podfic.

Podfic: it's an audio recording of a fanfic, like an audiobook, how awesome is that? Fans from all over put their voices out there so you can enjoy fanfic on the go or just in a different way. To find out more about podfic, why we do it and how to get started, check out pod_aware on LJ or DW.

Why I podfic:

1) Because it's fun : )
2) It makes me a part of fandom
3) Connection to people - not just over shared love of certain fics, but also shared experiences of podfic.
4) Podfic - not just listening, but the reading - can make you find new things in fics, eg. new layers, new perspectives on characters.

Before I address these points, I want to talk about 'how' I got into making podfic. I was read to by my parents when I was young, even though I learned to read really early the practice continued. One of my strongest memories of being 7 is Kate reading me Harry Potter every Thursday night and one Thursday Kate had a parent's evening and I read ahead (the chapter where Snape referees the Quidditch match) and feeling really guilty - the reading was something 'we' shared and is still something I love. Then ... about a year ago (seriously a year ago in two weeks) I was writing a fantastic (!) essay on Shamela, and I was searching through so many academic papers for ONE obscure reference and I was listening to podfic. AND somehow (SERIOUSLY HOW???) THIS AMAZING podfic of Conclusions came up on my podfic playlist - first of all A) How did I download this? 2) Why didn't I stop listening to it? It's not like I knew the reader. Sometimes when I love a reader, I'll follow them into different fandoms - eg. Fayjay I followed from Supernatural to Merlin. Anyway, I got hooked! Fast forward 6 months - I'm so into bandom it's not even funny - and there isn't a huge amount of bandom podfic, and at the time (there is more now) there wasn't really anyone actively making Panic! podfic. There'd been a couple of recent awesome ones at podfic big bang, but no one actively making it. So ... I took the step.

1) I love recording fics.

I feel that podfic incorporates TWO aspects of my personality. My analytical side that enjoys interpreting texts (see my BA) and my actress side that enjoys bringing texts to life (that gets repressed by my physical limitations). I found studying drama at University difficult as I ALWAYS had to read it aloud to understand it, especially Shakespeare. Over the course of my degree I studied nearly 40 plays (20 Shakespeare, 3 Beckett, 2 Pinter, 2 Stoppard, 3 Classical, 2 Marlowe, 2 Webster, 1 Kyd, 1 Middleton, 1 Jonson, 1 Shaw, 2 Behn, 1 Hamilton). In my first year I had an entire Shakespeare unit: I loved it, but I always felt that it was hard to 'read' Shakespeare. I always liked to write my essays on texts that had good film versions, as I felt this gave me a better insight into the text than simply reading it. I LOVE the film Titus (this shall be a WHOLE other post) and I fell in love with the actor's depiction of Aaron (for Dollhouse fans it's played by Boyd) and wrote my essay on his character. Titus Andronicus is NOT Shakespeare's best play, it is over dramatic and contains some truly terrible puns and some of the action is unnecessarily grotesque. In the final scene of the play, Titus serves his nemesis, Tamora, her sons baked into a pie. Then he kills his daughter (she'd been raped by the two aforementioned sons). Then he kills Tamora. Then he's killed by Tamora's husband. Then he's killed by Titus' son and then they burry Aaron alive. One of my favourite lines from the film 'Shakespeare in Love' is mini Webster saying: 'I liked it when they cut the heads off ... Plenty of blood. That's the only writing.' - he then went on to write The Duchess of Malfi a truly amazing but gruesome play. All this is great, but to read Titus Andronicus isn't easy, so the actors truly brought the play to life for me and I ALWAYS try to get people to see it. So go see it, it has Antony Hopkins! The cinematography and innovation Julie Taymor does is fantastic - seriously Baz Lurhman has nothing on her. The scene with the rivalling brothers driving through the streets of Rome is really inspired. Also - the clothes.

I'm not saying that podfic has the same level of interpretation and innovation as film, but it does contain a lot of these elements.

I am so tempted to record myself reading my favourite scenes of Shakespeare. Not just my favourite monologues (Aaron!, Iago! Edmund! - is it weird that my favourite bits of Shakespeare are by the bad guys?) but some of my favourite banter scenes (Beatrice and Benedict, or the gender bending scene of AWESOME in As You Like It).

Did this answer the point? Um ... kind of? Anyway, I love the process of recording. I love giving a voice to the characters in my head, and I love how performing makes me feel. Performing makes me feel creative and accomplished - not just the posting and getting feedback, just the creative process and listening to it for myself. About a year before I started podficcing, I recorded the first 100 pages or so of a m/m/m novel that I love, this isn't something I'd share, but I wanted an audiobook really badly and it didn't look like there would ever be one.

2) I love that making podfic makes me feel like more a part of fandom. I like to write, but I haven't got the discipline to be a 'writer'. With podfic I feel that I am creating something new and am contributing to fandom. Before I got into podfic I was terrible and nervous about engaging with people. Over about 18 months of heavy lj use, I probably commented on fics I read 5 times, and podfic ... never. Now, my fic reading comments has gone up to 50% and podfic up to maybe 90%. I take commenting on podfic quite seriously. I am talking to people and I love it.

3) I love the idea that my reading touches people. My favourite kind of comments are when people tell me that my podfic gave them an emotional reaction. I am quite drawn to reading fics that are a bit sad and intense, so knowing that how I felt while reading comes across makes me feel amazing.

I listen to podfic when I'm trying to get to sleep a lot. I can get incredibly annoying insomnia, so podfic has saved my life on numerous occasions. podklb has made the most AMAZING podfic of Forever Now and honestly I have raved about it a lot (she made me like GEN people) and this was last year when I was trying to write an evil essay (cue lots of stress) and I'd been really ill and was a bit depressed. I couldn't sleep and I was still listening to her at 7am. Without this podfic I probably would have been suicidal by this point.

Also - I love podfic fandom! - it's been so awesome and welcoming even though I'm new. I love talking to people about it and I loved making the podcasts even if I think I was a bit shy.

4) In the same way as reading Shakespeare helps me understand WHAT THE HELL he is talking about. Podfic can bring to life a text in a different way to the way you felt about it while you read it.

I love podfic as a way into fandoms, especially when you aren't very familiar with the source material. I listened to bandom podfic before I knew their music, before I knew what the characters looked like.


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Nov. 7th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
That was a great read, I'm glad you wrote it all out! YES EVEN THE SHAKESPEARE BIT. :D
Nov. 7th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks. It was harder to do than I thought it was going to be, I have A LOT OF FEELINGS. The Shakespeare bit started to get long, so I am going to make another post after pod_aware that appropriately expresses all my feelings that I have on this subject - I am going to talk about Titus, Romeo and Juliet, 10 things I hate about you and maybe Ran and Throne of Blood.

Nov. 7th, 2011 10:11 pm (UTC)
This was really interesting! I especially like your point about podfic giving you a new insight into fic because yes, that's half the reason I love podfic so much, because it isn't just fic read aloud, it's fic reimagined in vocal form. Okay, that sounds pretentious and silly but the point still stands, it's a completely different experience to reading fic but it's a wonderful experience and I love it kind of a lot.

(Also, that thing you said about podfic helping you get to sleep? I'm the same! I fall asleep listening to podfics a lot, especially Forever Now because there's something so soothing about it, it's lovely. And also, um, your recording of Stealing Spencer because it's adorable and oddly soothing as well.

Also, I'm listening to your drunk podfic right now and it's hilarious, you have the most adorable laugh and, seriously, your drunk singing voice is already pretty awesome, I'd love to hear what you sound like sober.

Also, um, this is a lot of alsos, oh dear, but I don't think I've left you a comment before which is a crime because I love your podfics! So yeah, I will probably get around to actually commenting on them all eventually, but for now RANDOM SHOWERING OF LOVE. ♥♥♥)
Nov. 7th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
I definitely like to think of podfic as a reimagining of fic! (I am going to have more to say about podfic as an interpretation on repodding day). If I can compare podfic to film interpretations about Shakespeare, you can use a pretty phrase. I once excitedly downloaded an audiobook (admittedly from an illicit site) and was appalled when I discovered that it was just the book read through a computer voice (like text editor). How is that something people can/want to listen to?

That makes me feel really great. I still think of myself as a newbie, so knowing that people are listening and that I am accurately getting across what I'm feeling still takes me off guard and is pretty incredible. When I was at the Podfic Rec Tree today and saw that you recced Read me like no one else and I was completely blown away. I have no legs to stand on about feedback, I used to give NO feedback on podfic, I still feel so guilty about that. I look forward to your opinions.

I originally had the drunk podfic post f-locked, but after a few days the embarrassment wore off. So, drunk podfic for all. I actually do sing when I record a lot, just when I was drunk it seemed like a good idea to post it. I wish I could really blame the singing on the alcohol.

I'm glad you're a fan. It's so great that pod_aware is giving everyone an opportunity to a) talk about podfic and b) just be so passionate about it. I love reading/listening to all these amazing, intelligent people be so enthusiastic and articulate and emotional about one of my favourite things EVER.

Nov. 7th, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC)
Oh god, I've seen those and I can't understand the appeal at all. There's no emotion! It's just a computer! I mean, I love computers, and I love that we can do stuff like that with computers, but it just does not compare to having a real live person reading you things.

Yay, I'm glad! I could have recc'd more, it was just that that one that linked back to one someone already mentioned, so. I love Stealing Spencer (and Stealing Kisses) and Reni's untitled vampire ficlet and Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession and, like, all of them. I am really bad at favourites. As well as, um, actually giving feedback. I am terrible at feedback, but I am making a concerted effort to get better?

I am very glad you unlocked it! Though I am tempted to friend you now that I've stopped being such a massive creeper and have actually left you a comment. But yes, drunk podfic is wonderful! And the singing! I love that you sing when you pod, that's actually really cool.

Also, also, so agreed with you on this one. I am kind of ridiculously shy and a terrible, shameless lurker and this is such good motivation to be flaily and creepy and weird and enthusiastic about something I have so much love for. Seriously, for feedback day, I plan on going round all the podfics I haven't left comments on (and there are a lot, it's terrible) and showering them with love. And I'm thinking of making a podcast which is a terrible idea but I'm just really inspired by the ones people have already made, and all the intelligent thoughts people have about podfic. I love that there are so many people who are so passionate about it, it's lovely.
Nov. 8th, 2011 09:25 am (UTC)
The computer versions can be good for a laugh - they do not understand sarcasm.

I take feedback quite seriously now, so it sometimes takes me a long time to get around to it. I always feel like I need to say MORE. I know a little feedback is better than none, but I always want to say EVERYTHING. I plan to do the same thing on 'feedback' day, I am going to feedback on all the podfic in my to-feedback list and also go back and feedback on some of the stuff from my past that I never left comments for. Eg. Even though I love Forever Now, and I know klb's read some of the stuff I've posted about how much I love it, I don't think I have ever actually left her feedback on the post.

Yesterday I was making a recording and I was SO hyped on coffee I had to keep singing Fun.'s Be Calm at regular intervals and I forgot most of the words, it was awful. Other times I start to sing when a particular word of phrase resonates with me (I do this in RL too) - ie. Change (for Change), Selfish Love (for love) etc.

All fandom stuff is unlocked, I only lock things when I get a bit personal or whiny.

Do make a podcast, they are awesome, even if you just want to talk about podfics you love, or aspects of fic that make you want to podfic. I also may do this.
Nov. 8th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
I suppose they could get across a sarcastic comment quite well, depending on how dry it was supposed to be? I see how it could be pretty funny.

I feel kind of the same about feedback and it's partly why I'm so bad at it - I have so many things to say after I've listened to a podfic or read a fic but I don't feel like I can actually say them coherently enough to give a proper comment that isn't just rambly and weird. I think I just need to actually comment more; practice makes perfect, after all.

I actually do that too, in real life I mean, if I'm having a conversation with someone and something they say reminds me of a lyric I'll just burst out into song. It is pretty awkward when you can't remember the lyrics, though!

You should definitely make a podcast, I'd love to hear your thoughts on podficcly things! I sort of tried, just to see if I could, and I ended up rambling and stuttering and swearing at myself a lot. I don't think I'm cut out for podcasting.
Nov. 9th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure we talked about 'ways to give good podfic feedback' on the podcast - so check that out for sure. I plan to make a post about it also. Sometimes I jot down a few things on a piece of paper as I listen - but most of the time I am too involved in the podfic to remember to do that. I don't think there is a 'perfect' way to give feedback, but I know that for the amount of listeners and amount of people who do LOVE podfic, the translation of that to feedback is pretty awful across the board.

Lyrics are not THAT important ... unless of course your singing is supposed to relate in some way to the topic at hand. This is something that happens to me all the time too.

I'm still undecided about the podcast idea - I may leave it until after pod_aware, when I'm not so into other things and worried about finishing things for deadlines. I have things I am trying to finish at the moment to post for all the remaining days.
Nov. 8th, 2011 06:02 am (UTC)
You already know that podfic is a labour of love for me. It's the topping on the icecream that it's a good fic, because it makes you notice lot of things that reading tends to overlook. The example is the line in Sea Change, you know which one, that it's so full of meaning and I passed it over every single time I read the story, but your reading made it poignant and amazing, and it became the summary of the story, for me.

Podfic made met a lot of wonderful people, too, and for that I'll be forever grateful.

It's a great, great week to be into Podficcing.
Nov. 8th, 2011 09:03 am (UTC)
If podfic's the topping on the icecream of fic, then is cover art the 'cherry'?

I am going to quote you later on repodding day - when I want to talk a bit more about how podfic acts as interpretation.

Podficcing = YAY!

Nov. 9th, 2011 10:44 am (UTC)
I loved to read about the thought process and feelings that go into podficcing. It's been one of the best things I've discovered (listening to podfic), because it makes whatever I'm doing better (driving to work) and easier (working out). Because of you and others, I've spread out from AI8 stuff (Adam, Adommy, Kradam) to Bandom, which has opened up a whole new door to me. And I'm reveling in it, even if I don't know who half the characters are!

I've been tempted to try it myself, even downloaded Audacity and recorded a Queer as Folk/AI8 (Adam/Tommy) crossover, in parts even, so I could make sure to do a "good job"... but when I listened to it back? I felt like I sounded like a depressed chipmunk, meaning I read too fast, with too little inflection. So I haven't shared it with anyone (or even linked it together into one complete recording). I'd like to try again, but that was a lot of work, and it's hard to find the time, and... I hate failing.

So that is what makes it so great that there are people like you, podklb, shiningartifact, and so many others that create the art that makes so many people happy!

Keep up the excellent work, and I'll keep up listening!
Nov. 9th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
Meta is SO fun. I'm not brilliant at it (I don't think) but I love listening and reading about it. Podfic is fantastic on SO MANY levels. Podfic makes household chores exponentially more bearable that is for sure.

Bandom is of course my favourite thing! But, I've been known to dip my toes in AI(7&8) on occasion. I can probably point you in the direction of some good bandom primers if you want, character and music wise.

Sunday is encouraging podfic day, but I will say this. DO IT! paraka posted a tutorial about how to use audacity, so check that out. Practice does wonders. Practice reading and recording yourself reading at different paces and NEVER SAY you don't like your voice. Listen to Day 1's podcast, podklb said it much better than me. Your voice is a part of you and while there will most likely be people your voice doesn't work for, podfic fandom in particular is particularly good at support. Also, I'd recommend crazybutsound podcast for Day 1, she talks about how she developed into the podfic artist she is today. I don't mean to be so intense (I think paraka is a bad influence on me), sorry.

Your support is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much.
Nov. 11th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
I would *so* love some primers to bandom, because I really don't know anything, just the pictures I looked up on Google.

I will take your encouragement, and try podficcing again. I was pretty nervous the first time, and I'm sure it showed in my voice. And everything only gets easier, and often better, with time and effort, right?

Hopefully someday I'll be able to make my own contribution to the podficcing community, too!
Nov. 12th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
I put out a call for primers, and I got a lot of responses so I'm going to make a lj post about it. But, for now here are my favourite - 1) a Panic! primer from last year - http://roga.livejournal.com/357139.html 2) a Frank/Gerard ship post - very outdated and most of the links don't work, but it's so PRETTY - http://bandom-ships.livejournal.com/2682.html. Also, do want bandom podfic recs, or are you doing fine on your own? Again I apologise for being rabid.

Good luck with podfic! Tomorrow is 'Encouraging podfic' day on pod_aware!, there'll most likely be lots of interesting stuff there.

I like the way pod_aware is creating a lot of different responses to podfic. I've personally REALLY enjoyed listeners making recordings where they talk about all the FEELINGS podfic evokes in them. There was one where the reader talked about one of my early podfics and it made me feel so amazing and emotional.
Nov. 12th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
Please, don't apologize for being rabid! I'm one of those obsessive types, so when I get into something new, I want it all now now NOW!!!!

I would LOVE some bandom podfic or fic recs. I have downloaded everything you have done, and everything I could find on Audiofic (I'm still working through those), but would hate to think I'm missing out on some gem out there... no matter how rough-cut it might be. Like I said, I want it all!

I've been trying to find some fic on AO3, but there is so much to wade through, and I would love to have some that have passed your winnowing process.

Thanks again for all your help - it is MUCH appreciated!!!
Nov. 15th, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)
RECs are hard, as I do think I have a 'certain' perspective. There are some good recs on the two primers, and here's my delicious (but I am AWFUL at remembering to bookmark stuff, and I don't remember to link sequels together or tag things properly). I got into bandom fic by first reading the fic by the authors of all the podfic.

For Panic! I'd say read EVERYTHING by sunsetmog, almostblue and reni_days.
Especially kinky panic: read EVERYTHING, by littlemousling, lalejandra (I am podficcing one of her stories at the moment) and sneaky_sena. These are all active authors, so are good people to keep an eye on also.

I really like arsenicjade who I think writes both bands really well.

For MCR, good authors are ladyfoxxx, bexless, jjtaylor, theopteryx and mistresscurvy.
A recent favourite is greedy_dancer 's In the Music of Time. Also, Anatomy of a Fall should not be missed.

For podfic: amplificathon has a bandom tag - and the podfic artists I keep an eye on and DOWNLOAD everything by are podklb, shiningartifact, pennyplainknits, greedy_dancer and crazybutsound. And sneaky_sena recorded her own story Nicest Thing here.

I'm sincerely upset with the lack of Pete/Patrick on here - so here's a link to pennyplainknits's pinboard for pete/patrick.

I have so MUCH more to say about this, so I think this weekend I'm going to make a primer/rec post. I've tried to rec 'current' authors, so you can get into people who are writing now, the fandom 'classics' will be on the rec posts for sure. I hope this is fun and there's lots here for you to explore. There is of course LOTS more besides this, I realised quickly that if I tried to talk to you about everything I'd never reply to you. <333
Nov. 16th, 2011 12:00 am (UTC)
You are *seriously* my new favorite person!!! I have dived into bandom, so much so that I haven't even really checked my Adam Lambert/AI8 sites out in forever!!!

It's like I was in a comfortable, familiar hall full of my favorite stuff (Adam/Adommy/AI8/QaF fic/podfic), trailing my fingers over the well-known shapes of my beloved treasures. Occasionally, I'd stumble across a new one, and my heart would leap with that joy of that discovery, but those times were getting further and further between.

Then, in my wanderings, I heard something. A mysteriously compelling melody wending it's way out from a slightly ajar door in the corner. A slight push, and it opens, revealing a vast cavern, filled with glittering riches beyond my wildest imagination!

And from the above, you can tell why I don't write fic - lol!

Thank you so much for helping point the way to the brightest of the gems strewn about this remarkable chamber. I *so* look forward to your future primer and rec posts. You are truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas to me!

(sorry for the seemingly gratituous use of !!!...! (lol!)

Edited at 2011-11-16 05:34 am (UTC)
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