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If you only listen to ONE podfic in a fandom ... [part 2]

About 6 months ago I wrote this post. ‘If you only listen to ONE podfic in a fandom...’, since then I have, as I do, listened to more podfic in more fandoms. In all cases I think you can listen and enjoy regardless of canon knowledge, but that may just be the way I do it. I’ll be adding these podfics to the above list, so all the recs are in one place.

Disclaimer for EXTREME personal bias! Feel free to add dispute/ideas in comments :D

Teen Wolf:
Teen Wolf is one of my current fandoms, so choosing just ONE is super painful and difficult. After much deliberation I am recing you:

DILF by [ profile] twentysomething read by [personal profile] rhea314 - Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski - 3 hrs 24 min.
Summary: Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.

I am recing this as my ONE podfic in this fandom, because it’s an AU, non-werewolf story and is SUPER fluffy and cute and adorable. [personal profile] rhea314’s Derek voice is perfect. Every moment of this podfic is a delight to listen to. You feel so hard for Derek, how he keeps his life together and is an awesome dad. Tiny Scott and Jackson are to die for characters, every scene they're in is so cute. It’s a much lighter and happier perspective and I love kid!Scott and kid!Jackson to distraction. Even if you are not in Teen Wolf fandom, this podfic is a MUST LISTEN!!!

If you liked this check out, Open the Door read by [personal profile] fire_juggler, Adore to see your eyes fly read by [personal profile] dodificus, both I’ve reced before here, and Random Craigslist Missed Connections Derek/Stiles not!fic read by [personal profile] inkjunket.

Due South:

Chicago’s Most Wanted by [ profile] Speranza, read by [personal profile] bessyboo and moonlingmaid - Mulit-voice podfic! \o/ - Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski - 4 hrs 29 min.
Summary: Sucking cock and robbing banks. Fraser just hadn't been the same since prison.

[personal profile] bessyboo is RayK - filled with drama, energy and dynamism. moonlingmaid is Fraser - subtle, clever and wry. The podfic is fast paced and delightful. It’s packed with action and drama and FEELINGS! I really love how I can connect with the readers’ feelings and emotions. I can really tell that the readers LOVE this story. I love the background extra voices: [personal profile] revolutionaryjo [personal profile] paraka [personal profile] lunate8 [personal profile] sly_hostetter queelez bendtothesun. This is the perfect podfic for a first time listener. It’s a fun ride and is acted perfectly.

There is also a version by zabira, here. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I really look forward to listening to this story from a different perspective.


Some Strange Prophecy by [ profile] Speranza read by ann_ciudad - Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski - 5 hrs.
Summary: This woman—she's nuts. And she makes him nuts. You may think he's nuts now, but you haven't even begun to see what nuts is where Fraser's concerned.

This probably should not be in this list, because fandom knowledge is probably useful. I didn’t know much, but most people aren’t me so.... But, I can’t not rec it because it is one of my absolute favourites and is superawesome. FEELINGS all over the place. I love the two Rays’ interactions, the phone conversations are so performed with amazing animation. FRASER!!! Fraser has ANGST and I enjoy the shock effect of Fraser's promiscuity, the story handles it really well and I love the complexity the reading brings to him. The reading is perfect! ann_ciudad spins the best narrative and I find this podfic the best podfic for when I want something soothing, but I also want a bit of angst and drama.

ann_ciudad if you are out there, please come back to podfic fandom :)

If you liked either of these, check out, Where the Story Changes by [ profile] seperis read by [personal profile] kalakirya, and Academic Punk read by [personal profile] luzula - they are English academics, I cannot contain my glee.

Star Trek:

You’ll get there in the end (It just takes a while) by [ profile] seperis read by [personal profile] revolutionaryjo - Star Trek Reboot - Kirk/Spock - 3 hrs 24 min.
Summary: Spock. Just say 'I don't trust Starfleet not to mess up the only captain in the fleet who I can train up to my expectations and enjoys running into danger wearing a blindfold as much as I do

Oh my god! This podfic is beautiful and amazing and soothes my SOUL! I just re-listened to this yesterday because I’d read something that had sent me into a terrible fit of FEELINGS and sadness and [personal profile] revolutionaryjo’s voice was the perfect application of awesome to make me feel better. Spock’s POV works so well for me and I loved Jo’s amazing ability to make Spock sound badass, competent, logical but also with FEELINGS! (I over identify with Spock sometimes). It’s an amazing story. I love how the story moves between two times and Jo makes each one sound distinct. \bonding/

n/b: pon farr is a thing

If you liked that check out Decimation read by [personal profile] reena_jenkins - girl!Kirk :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Guaranteed smile.

Also, Spock is KING of the Federation = FAVOURITE THING!!! And Jim being a Prince of America is also pretty awesome. Strive Seek Find Yield read by [profile] sevenses 7 hrs. I want ALL the podfic from this reader.

Hawaii 5-0:

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by [ profile] JoeLawson read by [personal profile] flyingthesky- Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams - 3 hrs 40 min
Summary: Detective Danny Williams is not what Steve expected.

Danny is a Mermaid and there is \bonding/!!! It’s lovely and beautiful and this is a delightful podfic. Another one on my comfort pod list.

Harry Potter:
Yes, I know Harry Potter was on my previous list, BUT this time I’m recing a Sirius/Remus podfic. TOTALLY DIFFERENT THING :)

As Red as Hearts and Autumn by [ profile] rosemaryandrue read by [ profile] adistantsun - Sirus Black/Remus Lupin - 5 hrs 48 min.
Summary: It's the autumn of Sixth Year, there's a flu epidemic at Hogwarts, and the Blacks want their heir back.

Perfect! I love the how the distinct two points of view are voiced. I love both the Sirius and the Remus' voices SO MUCH! Their banter is just lovely. [ profile] adistantsun's reading is very atmospheric and beautifully evokes this period of instability and awakening.

If you liked this, check out Stealing Harry read by [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, which I’ve reced before here - it’s one of my favourite comfort podfics. Sirius and Remus adopt Harry and there’s no Azkaban :D


Semaphore by [ profile] DevilDoll read by crinklysolution - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - 4 hrs 27 min.
Summary: "I’m trying to like you, Tony. You’re just making it very hard."

This podfic got me so INVESTED in these characters from the very beginning. [ profile] crinklysolution portrays the heightened emotions and drama of the story amazingly well. I am in love with Tony's voice in this podfic, it is dynamic and worked for me perfectly. I could not stop listening to this podfic, it was majorly addictive.

If you liked this check out Tomorrow Belongs to Me read by [personal profile] kalakirya and Ready, Fire, Aim read by [personal profile] reena_jenkins.

Random ones where I’ve only listened to one or there only is one:

Hockey RPF:
Hocky rpf, what can I say about you? These guys are often bros, but are always so uncommunicative I could cry.

Not a Heart of Gold by [ profile] queeniegalore read by [ profile] anna_unfolding - Patrick Kane/Jonathon Toews - 1 hr 28 min.
Summary: For the longest time this fic was unofficially titled 'Kaner's not a hooker but Tazer probably wants him to be', and I really can't think of a better way to summarise it than that. Many words of Tazer fantasising, pining, jerking off, and paying for sex, because that's apparently how he rolls.

An amazingly well read piece! [ profile] anna_unfolding creates voices really well, and portrayed the dynamic in a subtle, but still 'in-character' way. This podfic is fun and I loved the dialogue especially. Also, don’t forget to continue to the end [ profile] anna_unfolding’s porn bloopers are histerical.


Void by [ profile] waxjism read by [personal profile] dodificus - The Faculty - Casey Connor/Zeke Tyler/Delilah Profitt - 9 hrs.
Summary: AU, completely ignoring the fact that The Faculty is sort of a science fiction/horror type film... Although perhaps three teenagers having this kind of sex life is a bit of science fiction.

I was surprised by how quickly this drew me in. I have not seen the film, I am not even 100% certain which actors portrayed which characters (though I *think* I know). [personal profile] dodificus just sells it really well, so I don't think it matters if you don't know anything about the movie. Each point of view is so wonderfully done, and I kept changing my mind as to which voice I loved the most. It's not always a comfortable listen, but the entire way [personal profile] dodificus is there with you and that makes it AWESOME.

Star Trek RPF:

A passage that sings by dorkorific read by [personal profile] pennyplainknits - Chris Pine/Zach Quinto - 1 hr 40min.
Summary: The one where Chris has stupid glasses and a lot of paperbacks, Zach knows too much for his own good, there are at least two lap dances, and everybody wants to sleep with Dorothy Parker. "Quinto Mad Libs," Cho says. "My date was: mean adjective, meaner adjective, devastating five-syllable mean adjective."

Ridiculously awesome. [personal profile] pennyplainknits's Zach is just perfect and droll and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about it. Such fun!

Eric Foreman Doesn't Take It Up The Ass (But If He Did, It Might Happen Something Like This) by [ profile] ignaz, read by [personal profile] dodificus - Eric Foreman/Robert Chase - 45 min.
Summary: See title

Ridiculously awesome and funny. I love [personal profile] dodificus's Chase voice and this is well worth a listen :)

Fandoms mentioned last time were: Merlin, The Social Network, The Social Network RPF, Inception, Supernatural, Supernatural RPF, Harry Potter (Harry/Draco flavour), Major League Baseball RPF, Sherlock, American Idol, Bandom, X Men movies, The Eagle, The Fast and the Furious, Generation Kill/Temeraire, The Good Wife. Find these the complete post here

Unlike last time, this is the time to rec me YOUR ‘If you must listen to ONE podfic in a fandom...” podfics. It can be from any of the fandoms mentioned, or rec me new ones, the best way to get me into a fandom is through podfic - I really want someone to explain Homestuck to me :p
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